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Joliamn Black and Blue Men's Cycling Shorts(#C63)

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If you consider yourself a decent roadie with several years in the sport and you understand the importance of a good pair of cycling pants.

These shorts are great value for your money especially if you are looking for cycling shorts that wont break the bank and will work for you day in and day out.

The ends of the legs are tight and don't crawl up in your legs and it stays up without need for adjusting them when pedaling.

Flat seams, well-stitched, nice white panels on the sides for visibility.

It’s very comfortable, dries quickly, the quality of the fabric and seams are comparable to the top brands.

You will never feel any discomfort or had any clothing dysfunctions while riding.

  • BREATHABLE, HIGH ELASTICITY, COMFORTABLE - Our elastic cycling pants mimics the natural elasticity of your skin, allowing full range of motion when you exercise so that you do not have to worry that it gets torn easily or feel restricted to your actions.
  • 3D PADDED CUSHION FOR 100% PROTECTION ON THE HIPS - Our padded cushion fits nicely around your hips and protects your hipbone from injuries during prolonged period of competitive cycling and long-distance cycling. 
  • Made from premium quality 80 % Polyester + 20 % Spandex, wearing it makes you feel comfortable and it fits nicely with the shape of your legs.